Awareness Topics

Keeping members informed about their cooperative is a priority for MTE. We’ve curated a list of awareness topics we feel our members should know. The topics on this page were chosen based on conversations and feedback from our members.

If you would like to know more, you can reach us by phone at 877-777-9020, by visiting your local office, or via email through our contact form. 

The passing of the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Act opened the doors for cooperatives like Middle Tennessee Electric to offer broadband and high-speed internet services to their members. Much like electricity in the 1930s, access to high-speed internet is becoming a necessity. Broadband is a vital resource that improves the quality of life and spurs economic development across our communities.

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Scammers repeatedly attempt to steal our members’ money and personal identity information by posing as Middle Tennessee Electric. These attacks typically occur during periods of high energy consumption like summer and winter. 

During these seasons, our members consume more energy than normal, which results in a higher monthly bill.  Scammers use this to their advantage. Because your monthly bill is higher, the scammers will approach you demanding payment immediately, or they will threaten to shut off your power.

Don’t fall for it! Currently, we are aware of three specific scams that have occurred recently: phone calls, email, and door-to-door. Below, you’ll find some information to help you spot a scam and determine if the interaction you’ve had is legitimate or not.

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