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The New Homes Program was designed by TVA and MTE to offer a suite of new HVAC and water-heating equipment incentives for home builders. Incentives are available for all-electric homes, as well as homes that have gas appliances.

The program helps builders purchase technologies that are highly desired for efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity to make new homes more marketable. Additionally, participating homebuilders can receive the added marketing benefits of taking part in a program sponsored by TVA and MTE. The program allows for homes with multiple fuel sources to participate and focuses on installing equipment and meeting local prevailing codes rather than stringent envelope requirements. Participation takes less time and effort thanks to fewer inspections, quick and easy validation, and the elimination of complicated installation requirements, such as HERS ratings and preliminary plan reviews. Homebuyers will see and feel the difference with our incentivized technologies, which provide them with greater comfort and control.

Homebuilder Incentives Available

The incentives are offered for both single-family homes and duplexes. To be eligible for incentives, homes must be new (less than one year old), built to prevailing local code, and have qualified equipment installed. Builders can contact their local energy services coordinator for more information regarding the TVA incentives including:

  • Prescriptive Home Design
  • All-Electric Homes
  • Electric Heat Pump & Electric Water Heater
  • Other incentives available

To get started and learn more, reach out to our Energy Services team.

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