Tree Growth Regulator Program

Tree Growth Regulators Frequently Asked Questions

MTE's tree and vegetation team use a variety of options to maintain, preserve, and improve the rights-of-way (ROW) in our service territory. One of the tools they use is Tree Growth Regulators (TGR). To help keep our members informed about our ROW management, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions.

TGR is a clay-based growth inhibitor that is applied underground directly to the area around the tree roots. It allows the tree to grow at a slower rate while improving its foliage density, color, and health. This reduces the need for tree pruning by our Vegetation Management team. TGRs are effective 3 – 5 years, depending on the tree.

Yes. TGRs are an option members have to help maintain the power line ROW around their property. We use a product called ArborLock, which is applied underground directly to the area around the tree roots. By using TGRs, we can reduce the impact pruning has on our members. Members can request that their trees in the ROW be pruned or removed by contacting our Vegetation Management team.

No. MTE is committed to serving members. One way that we provide outstanding service is by offering options for ROW maintenance on their property. If a member doesn’t want TGR used on their property, they should contact our Vegetation Management team.

Yes, it’s possible for TGR to slow the vegetation growth surrounding the tree if the roots come in contact with the application site. Because the application is clay-based, it affects only the roots in the area where it is applied. The vegetation will also get the additional benefits of TGR, such as an increase in chlorophyll concentration.

No. TGR is a clay-based growth inhibitor designed to slow tree growth. The EPA and state agencies have approved the use of TGRs because there have been no reported cases of adverse effects on people, pets, or wildlife.

MTE is proud to be a Treeline USA accredited electric utility.

That means our team of highly trained and certified arborists work to prevent outages caused by trees and vegetation while also ensuring a better environment along our rights-of-way. If you have a question about the trees, plants, or the environment near our electric system, please reach out to our vegetation management team.


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